The Dorrit Show: Me and Stephen in a Photo Booth, 05/02

When Stephen and I went to Barmacy the first thing we noticed was that it had an old fashioned black & white photo booth. Of course, now the stupid booth costs three dollars and still takes terrible photos, but that didn't stop us (obviously.) These are the only two of the four I liked.

When I e-mailed the GIF to Stephen to see if he approved, I mentioned I thought I looked slightly too "deer caught in headlights" in the first one. His reply was "No, you look very 'I can't be bothered with entertain and delight me...'" I was drinking a diet Dr. Pepper at the time, and when I read that I spit Dr. Pepper all over my keyboard and monitor. If I had been home and it was my iBook, I would have killed him.