The Dorrit Show: Three Bay Circle

This is an arial shot of our house when my father was commandant of the Marine Air Base in Beaufort, South Carolina. It's funny how when you're a kid everything seemed bigger, because I look at this now, and I'm like, "Whoa, that freakin' river was practically on our doorstep--no wonder my mom got so upset during our first hurricane." It was a pretty great house too. My parents had their own suite, we had a patio, and we had a fireplace in the huge living room with a beamed ceiling--ultra modern/60s.

While I can't say all my memories about life in Beaufort are great, since my parents were off being in charge of stuff (Wives' Club for my mother) a lot of the time, I loved living there and got to do really cool stuff, like play in a swamp, find old junk along the riverbank, go to the officer's club, play croquet in the backyard, climb trees, have a clubhouse in our maid's truck, pretend to be a pirate, go to Hilton Head, build rafts to sail to Hawaii, blah blah blah. Oh yeah and since my father was in charge and everyone wanted to suck up to him, I was a little princess who pretty much got to do whatever I wanted all the time. It was SO cool. (Eginie was the only one who kicked my ass when necessary.)