The Dorrit Show: First Grade

I mainly have this up here to show off the lovely dress and hairdo, which proves I had a "unique" sense of style even when I was five years old. (Either that or my mother couldn't deal with my hair that morning so she just stuck this very attractive plastic barrette in it.) This is the year that I started pretending to be "Dorritgirl, Avenger of the Universe." That was pretty much just me putting aluminum foil on my head, tying a bath towel around my neck and posing and/or running around saying, "I'm Dorritgirl, avenger of the universe." This resulted in me ripping off one of my toenails, but that story is too long to tell here.

The other thing that's interesting about this picture is that my eyes look brown. While my birth certificate and driver's license, etc. say they're blue, they're really grey. (Major point here is that they've never been brown.)